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Dog harness recommendation for no-pull, no-escape.

Ever had a dog escape from your ordinary harness and felt at un-ease ever since for it to happen again? Some dogs just have slimmer shoulders making it easier for them to escape harnesses. Or do you have a dog who tends to pull on the walks, and have found no harness to help the process of training the dog not to pull? One of Animalvida's friend, Inez Robinson, has created a no-pull, no-escape harness that you can read more about what she says about her small-business of no-pull, no-escape harness that she has created, here under:

Tarakona Dog Harnesses are custom made to measure, no pull and no escape harnesses. They're ergonomic, lightweight, strong and very comfortable for the dog to wear. They're also unique - there is a front D ring clip that holds the dog and changes the direction of the force when the dog lurches forwards – by displacing this force the handler is able to walk the dog with far more ease. Several handlers report that their dog just totally walks loose leash once the harness is on. If we look at how collars and traditional harnesses work, we can see why this is. The flat collar fits around the dogs throat, but like anything, the dog should be accustomed to it and trained to walk with minimal pressure. In dogs the force of holding a dog back, actually encourages arousal – this can be easily seen in working dogs, where the handlers tug at the dog to arouse it prior to release to chase an attacker for example. Especially rescue dogs are rarely trained to walk in a collar, and many people don’t realise this is something a puppy should be trained in as soon as possible, and so when the dog is older, its pulling the owner all over the place. It makes the walks unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. Traditional harnesses have a ring at the back, and this also encourages the dog to pull forwards. Fixed front ring harnesses don’t work that well either and ones with the straps across the front of the shoulders, I’m not a fan of for impeding movement. So, enter the Tarakona Dog Harness. All straps fit the natural contour of the dog, like a comfort blanket. The dog doesn’t feel it has to react against it. The contraption only comes into play when and if the dog pulls. There are 7 points of adjustment and they’re made to measure from 4 measurements the owner sends to us. The waist band is there to balance the harness especially if the dog pulls and totally prevents any form of backing out of the harness. There are several colours to choose from and a 1.5m matching leash can be ordered if required. More info and how to order on


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